Commercial Office Fitouts & Refurbishments Chadstone VIC

We tailor fitout solutions to fit your unique needs.
From workstations, seating, and storage, to entire office solutions, our team is happy to assist you in creating the perfect combination for your office space. Our experience is extensive flexible.

Our Fitout Services Include

As businesses, landlords, developers, and property managers in the Melbourne are always looking for better ways to improve work place productivity, we at ACE Partitions provide an array of solutions that provide you options to do so; Keeping you focus on what’s important– running your business. We work personally with our clients  ensuring their business can flourish with a dynamic new environment.

  • Office & Shop Fit Outs
  • Plumbing
  • Electrical
  • Air Conditioning & Heating
  • Phone & Intercom Systems
  • Sprinkler Systems
  • Painting & Decorating
  • Special Requirements

We have the flexibility and experience to accomodate any special requirements that are needed, large or small.
All works are done by experienced, fully qualified and licensed trades and meet all statutory requirements with insurance and safety standards and regulations.

Office Fitouts

An office fitout needs to make a good first impression, with a focus on functionality and ease of access for your staff and clients.

  • We provide good planning & Layout
  • Minimal disruption
  • Affordable options
  • Years of experience & knowledge
  • Good communication at all times
  • Project management all the way

Shop & Retail Fitouts

You only have seconds to make a good first impression with potential new clients and customers, this is crucial in a shop or retail environment. That’s why we bring all our experience and knowledge working with you, to create a retail or shop fitout that reflects your business, brand, customers and business culture.

  • Planning & Design
  • Sustainable construction
  • Minimal disruption
  • Project management all the way
  • Affordable & lean construction

Facility & Medical Room Fitouts

Space Planning and design needs to be both creative and effective. Every property and its’ end use is different in its cultural and working dynamics.

  • We provide options that will work best
  • Good consultation, planning and design
  • Affordable and lean construction options
  • Sustainable options
  • Minimal disruption to your business

Demountable Office Partitions Melbourne

Demountable partitions are the perfect solution when portability and regular customisation is required.
ACE Partitions offers options for any office or commercial applications.
Demountable Partitions provide an affordable way of adding or renovating an existing space, and yet keeping the design and layout dynamic and user friendly for all.
Demountable is an adaptable system that  can be applied as a permanent or semi-permanent structure. With no wearing components or items, the partition can be dismantled, moved, re-configured and re-assembled without compromising any current structure and very little disruption to any staff or Clients.

Glass Office Partitions Melbourne

Glass partitions are a fantastic way to allow light into an office space whilst keeping noise to a minimum.
ACE Partitions offers options for any office or commercial applications.
Glass Partitions provide an affordable way of adding and renovation an existing space, and yet keeping the design and layout dynamic and user friendly for all.
Glass partitioning also provides contemporary atmosphere in any office or commercial environment. It allows natural light to flood into your work area and create a bright dynamic environment, also reducing the need for additional lighting.

Plaster Office Partitions Melbourne

Plaster partition are ideal if you require complete privacy and fix long term defined work zones.
ACE Partitions offers options for any office or commercial applications.
Paster partitions can be specific for application required, most are plasterboard to a timber or metal stud frame; the materials used are determined by the fire and acoustic ratings required by the client.
We can provide the best option for the application that is also affordable and durable long term.

Suspended Ceilings Melbourne

Suspended ceilings are secondary ceilings hung below the main structure. They are perfect for provisioning electrical, climate control, data connections and lighting, providing easy access to all points.
A typical suspended ceiling consists of grid work formed from pressed metal channels fixed and suspended by the overhead structure beams, forming a regular modular pattern.
Each modular void spacing is filled with ceiling tiles or panels that sit on the grid channel. Tiles can be selected from a wide range of materials, including metal, plastic, wood or mineral fibre. These option will also provide a variation in Acoustic properties that need to be considered.

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